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Dog's Ticks - Tips To Exterminate And Eradicate Ticks Ultimately

Ticks are no ordinary pests. Although they are little, do not belittle them. They can be as brutal as a wild beast if ignored. They like to prey on man's bestfriends - dogs. Not only do they suck their host's blood, they also act as vectors, carrying various diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis. As luck would have it, there are certain ways to remove ticks from infesting pets and man. Here are some of them.

True enough, ticks are highly manageable. Nonetheless, you need to be careful when removing ticks. Just be reminded that your goal is to remove the whole tick and not to leave the head or any body parts of the tick behind. By doing so, you are doing more harm than good as you are exposing your dog to several diseases.

1. Get rid of Ticks Manually With Tweezers
Position your dog snugly. Don clean gloves. Slacken the dog or use distractions. Locate the ticks. Stop the tick by spraying alcohol. Carefully use the tweezers to get the tick. Try to be as close to your dog's skin as possible. Pull the tick carefully using a straight and firm pulling movement. Dispose the tick appropriately. Clean the tweezers with alcohol.

2. Remove Ticks With Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is very efficient in removing ticks because it acts as an antiseptic astringent. Get a q-tip and apply a good amount of tea tree oil. Brush the q-tip against the little critter. Dispose it if you see it dead. However, if it jumps, be sure to catch it. Tea tree oil can also be used for cleaning the affected area after you successfully removed the tick.

3. Remove Ticks With Commercial Tick Removing Merchandise
Products for killing ticks are obtainable wherever. Before purchasing commercially made anti tick product, read the label and the directions. Frontline Plus for dogs is one of the most recommended anti tick products today. It is very easy to use. It comes with an applicator. Just squirt the content to the affected area and it will work magically. Not only can it eradicate ticks, it is also used for removing fleas as well.

If you are a blameworthy pet owner, you will not wait for your dog to suffer from complications before you will take the crucial actions. Nevertheless, the greatest management for ticks is prevention. Cited below are effective tips on how to avoid ticks.

1. To protect yourself and your dogs from ticks the greatest way is to circumvent tick- infested areas like the forest and areas with tall grass or weeds.

2. Maintain your lawn and your grass mowed if you have a garden at home. Insecticides to control ticks can also be useful to areas with high weeds that are not possible to be mowed.

3. Ask your vet about tick collar. Also ask about the best commercial products in the market these days that can kill both ticks and fleas.

4. Consider using exclusive shampoos to your dog that can kill both ticks and fleas.
Truly, ticks are very infuriating. Not only does it affect dogs but also man as well. If you have pets at home, be sure that you armed yourself with the accurate information about ticks and establish how you can effectively remove them. When in doubt, consult your local veterinarian. Do not disregard these little critters because they are toxic.

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